Dangerous goods


Dangerous goods

Icelandair Cargo ships dangerous goods (also known as restricted articles, hazardous materials, and dangerous cargo) in accordance with the IATA DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations.

IATA abbreviations related to dangerous goods: DGR/ELI/ELM/ICE/RDS/RFL/RGX/RLI/RLM

The air transportation of commodities of this kind, such as flammable, corrosive, toxic or radioactive substances, is subject to strict rules and regulations.

Many everyday items found in your home may be considered dangerous goods in the context of air transport, for instance, the batteries of your laptop and mobile phone or flammable liquids.

Important: The shipper is fully responsible for complying with IATA regulations when offering a consignment of dangerous goods by air and must comply with any applicable regulations set forth by the airline, states of origin, transit, and destination.

For further information, please email our sales department for either imports to Iceland or exports from Iceland.